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Posted on Fri Aug 2nd, 2019 @ 1:06am by Captain Aoife Coard & Commander Aurelia Koig & Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Daughter of House Krug & Lieutenant Commander Jaras Marn & Lieutenant Mitchell Graham & Lieutenant JG Izaro Solwick & Lieutenant JG Treyla Solwick

Mission: 1 - Memories in Starlight
Location: Bridge - Deck 1
Timeline: MD 02 - 1100

The day had thus far been largely uneventful, and Captain Coard was thankful for that, at least. The menacing message from the Gul had put her a bit on edge, and she was doing her best not to let it show. She knew the risks in the Corridor were minimized after the recent Armistice, but they weren’t nothing.

“Captain,” the Bolian ensign at the helm piped up, “I’ve got a reading of...some kind on long range sensors. It’s not interfering with anything yet but...I’d recommend we alter course to avoid it.”

Aoife pulled the data up on her console, and studied it for a moment. The signature was fractured at best, but it reminded her of a ship doing a poor job at masking itself.

“Marn,” she ordered. “See if you can clean that reading up. I don’t like the idea of something we can’t identify just...sitting out here.”

“Standby,” said the Trill, his fingers deftly manipulating the control interface for the sensor arrays. “The sensor upgrades are only about ten percent complete, Captain. At this distance and resolution, the only things I can say with reasonable certainty is that it has an artificial power source whose signature has been deliberately masked. Perhaps a subspace dampening field?”

“Let’s program a course in to intercept, just in case. If it’s something we should look into, I’d like to do so with all due haste.”

“Aye sir,” the man responded.

Izaro kept his eyes on his console, making certain the ship was continuing to show no issues. When you were dealing with the unknown it paid to keep your eyes open and ready for anything.

Entering the bridge from the port side turbo lift, Commander Farrell made his way towards the Captain, waving a data PADD. He'd been working on some personnel problems for over an hour and was quite proud of the solutions he had come up with. "Captain, I think I've solved our personnel problem for flight," he smiled as he held out the PADD, it was then that he noticed that there was an air of tension around the room. "What's going on?" he queried, the smile fading fast.

“Sensor anomaly,” she replied. “We’ve got the data as cleaned up as we can, but it looks like potentially a subspace dampening field.”

Leaning forward and folding her hands on her lap, she ordered, “Helm, come about. Let’s go see what our stalwart allies are hiding. Yellow Alert.”

“Aye Sir,” the helmsman replied. “20 minutes to intercept.”

Trey helped place the USS Boadicea at yellow alert. "Sensors are not indicating any ships, however this anomaly could be masking any signals." She said, agreeing with the Captain on his decision to go to yellow alert.

“I do not detect any issues with the ships computers,” Izaro added. He had double checked not wanting this to end up some glitch and he didn’t check.

Seb moved towards the Tactical station and stood just behind the blonde at the station, silently looking over her shoulder and monitoring the situation in his own, unique way.

"Getting into trouble already?" Aurelia questioned, stepping off the turoblift. Her red hair was pulled back into a ponytail, exposing her characteristic spots fully. She approached the Captain's chair and leaned back against the railing to Coard's left.

“Well, trying not to, but a falsified sensor anomaly is a little too tempting to pass up,” Aoife responded in a cool tone. “Besides, I’d rather figure out what it is now than have it crawl up behind us in a few hours.”

"Sometimes, having something crawl up behind you can be fun," Aurelia countered with a playful smile. "At least if you're a little adventurous."

Coard snickered at the comment, and said, "I'm plenty adventurous. I just know better than to underestimate the Cardassians."

Trey grinned at the Captain's comments. But kept her mouth silent. She continued to monitor the situation, from her comfy station. With the first officer, being near her, this was entertaining.

"Interesting indeed", E'Lor said, closely watching her engineering comm.

Izaro could already feel this was going to be a good fit for him and Trey. As he watched his console and listened for any orders that may come his way he reflected on how disappointed they had been at leaving Atlantis. In hindsight it had been the perfect time.

Telepathically Trey started to talk to Izaro. "Interesting crew, we were assigned too. I like it here." She said, with a big grin. Looking at the first officer, and then at Izaro.

“I hate to admit it but you mother did us a solid,” Izaro sent back. He glanced over at her briefly with a smile, then back to his station.

If looks could kill Trey, she would have killed him with her looks. That comment, despite being true, was the very reason why she joined Starfleet. To get away from her mother. Despite how far she gets, her mother is always pulling strings for her. She made her thoughts very open. Saying to herself, more comments like that, he is sleeping in the guest bedroom.

Izaro kept his fade turned away to prevent her from seeing his wide grin. Truth be told no matter how much he thought his mother in law was right if she were here he would let her know he was not happy. Trey worked hard to control their destiny and he wasn’t having her unhappy.

“Trey, get your teams ready,” Aoife commanded. With both Solwicks on the Bridge, first names would have to do. “Let’s be on the safe side, I don’t want to get blindsided.”

"Yes Captain." Trey said, with a big grin on her face. Finally something to do. Other than think of her mother interfering in her life again. Trey started to prepare her team, she was going through the roster, to assemble a team.

Lieutenant Graham tugged at his uniform as the turbo lift made its way to the bridge. As the lift stopped and the doors open onto the bridge he looked around and smiled a bit. Making his way to his station he tapped the Helmsman on duty. As the young officer got up, Graham sat down and looked at the readings on his console to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary and no corrections needed to be made. He was preparing for anything.

E'Lor's console blinked suddenly. "Kahless not now!", she growled. Hands racing over the keys she changed a few algorithms and switched over two minor systems to secondaries, and the blinking stopped and went back to normal.

Koig could sense the telepathic communication going on, though she couldn't actually hear it. Something about being half-Betazoid let her to in tune to telepathy despite not having the ability, except with those she had a really close connection to.

"E'Lor?" Sebastian quizzed as he looked across at the half Klingon woman at the engineering station.

Izaro noticed the issues with the system but E’Lor had things back to normal in no time. He made a mental note for him to meet up with engineering at a later date and waited for E’Lor to answer.

"Huh....oh yes Sebastian....can I help you with something?", E'Lor asked smiling.

Izaro folded his hands over his chest, watching and waiting to see what happened next.

Mitchell was deep in thought as he monitored the ships navigation, nothing out of the ordinary had yet, aside from a few minor course adjustments everything was going well. Looking down at his board he said, “Captain we will arrive at the space anomaly in 5 minutes.”

"Sebastian, you wanted something? You called me for something didn't you?", E'Lor asked smilling.

"It was you," Seb bristled at the use of his first name before responding to her question further, "it looked like you were having problems?"

"Commander, I meant no disrespect. If I have offended you.....I am sorry", E'Lor said. "Yes to answer your question, there was a slight problem with a power relay but I fixed quickly so's it is not a problem. However thank you for your interest", she added.

Aurelia chuckled at the exchange. She was routinely casual with other members of the senior staff, but had enough sense to stay formal on duty. At least when it came to addressing her peers. Making jokes was totally on brand for her though, even on duty.

Izaro ran his own diagnostic to make certain they were running at one hundred percent once more.

Trey was not sure if she should say anything, or remain quiet. There was a lot of chatter going on. She was always told, sometimes, it was better to sit back and observe the scene as it unfolds in front of you.

“I ran diagnostics,” Izaro spoke up. “Everything shows normal. My concern is whether this problem is likely to happen again?” He hoped he wasn’t overstepping but he felt he should speak his mind.

“Run it again,” Aoife ordered, “and cross reference with a Galor class’ emissions. This is an old Cardassian trick, and I’m willing to bet they think we’re too green or too stupid to remember it.”

Standing beside the Captain's chair, with his arms folded across his chest, the Commander let the corner of his mouth curl into a slight smile as he cottoned on to what she was suggesting. "If they're still pulling that stupid gimmick after all these years, then they are the stupid one's Captain..." he grinned as he looked down at the CO.

"Or," Aurelia offered from her position to the left of Coard, "they aren't up to date on tactics. Or, perhaps, the Union has started using that particular tactic and they are following procedures. For all our sake, let's not assume the Cardassians are being stupid. Assumptions like that get people injured. Or killed. And I'd rather deal with neither right now."

"Agreed," Coard nodded.

"After Gul Dukat, I have never underestimated another Cardassian. If they can make it happen, you can be sure it WILL happen. The lessons learned from the war has made them think before they do something", E'Lor commented.

"True," Coard intoned. "Well, I guess we'll find out presently." She gripped the side of her armchair as the ship dropped out of warp. Immediately in front of the ship was a small squadron of Hideki class scouts, showing large on the viewscreen.

"SHIT! EVASIVES!" Coard shouted. "Red Alert, target the leading ship but hold your fire until they make a move!"

“Aye Sir” Mitchell brought the ship around sharply while holding position and keeping an eye on the ships before him. He was prepared for navigating the ship through a fight if he needed to

Sebastian swiftly moved from the Captain's side and to the console on his right, tapping away as he linked up with departments across the ship. "Full sensor sweep," he bellowed across the bridge to all stations capable of performing such an act. He wanted an update on the ships for the Captain and he wanted it now.

Mitchell looked at the readings in front of him, “Sir, the ships are holding steady, but they have formed up into attack position.”

E'Lor's hands were racing over her panels faster than she remembered as she shunt power from non essential systems into weapons, shields, and engines. Making damn sure the SIF and IDF were at optimum efficiency. Bringing to standby status, she fired up 8 of the fusion generators to augment power where needed.

Staisfied she had done her job, "Captain, Engineering is ready for battle sir", E'Lor stated.

"Open a channel," Aoife ordered. "Attention Cardassian vessels. This is Captain Coard of the USS Boadicea. We detected sensor anomalies in this region, and are investigating."

"They're powering up weapons, sir."

"God dammit," Coard intoned. "Red alert. Fire phasers, shoot to disable, not to destroy."

Graham navigated the ship through a few maneuvers while trying to avoid weapons fire. This is what he truly lived for but he also needed to make sure that he could maneuver the ship through this battle.

"Acquiring target lock, now Captain. Firing phasers. Direct hit Captain." She said, as she continued her weapons attack. The enemy ship, continued to advance on their position.

E'Lor's hands moved skillfully over her console bringing more power to the shields, weapons and engines. "Shields at maximum, engines at 105%, weapons at 100%. Both SIF and IDF holding steady. Damage control teams have been dispatched. Captain", she stated.

“We’re holding steady,” Izaro called out. “Systems are all operational.” He had kept his eyes on his console. They weren’t having any issues at the moment but in his experience one could drop up at any time.

“Give me a channel, damn it!” Aoife shouted as the ship lurched to and fro. As the subtle beep sounded, she continued, “Attention Cardassian vessels! Cease your attack immediately or you will be destroyed. Repeat: cease your attack immediately!”

“We are going to sustain damage soon,” Izaro called out. “The shields can only hold so much, I have diverted all the power I can.”

“Fire torpedoes, full spread,” Aoife ordered, an exhausted tone in her voice. “If they won’t see reason, let’s...”

”This is sub-legate Arten of the 2nd Order! We are ceasing fire and request an immediate ceasefire from your vessel. We will enter parlay with your vessel’s commander on a private channel! Arten out!”

Aoife sighed in relief, and turned toward her ready room.

“Back in a few, hopefully. Aurelia, you have the bridge.”



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