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The Field Test

Posted on Wed Sep 25th, 2019 @ 1:20am by Captain Aoife Coard & Commander Aurelia Koig & Lieutenant Commander E'Lor Daughter of House Krug & Lieutenant Mitchell Graham & Lieutenant JG Izaro Solwick & Lieutenant JG Treyla Solwick

Mission: 1 - Memories in Starlight
Location: Bridge - Deck 1
Timeline: MD 02 - 1400

The sharp tones of a boatswain’s whistle rung throughout the ship as Aoife stood from center seat.

“Attention: we are about to engage in a live fire exercise with our Cardassian allies. The weapon in question is cannibalized Dominion energy weapon technology, which this ship was not built to handle. But I have faith that we’ll hold her together. And in the process, maybe get some great sensor data on the new weaponry our friends are using. All hands to battlestations.”

Sitting down again, she nodded at her assembled bridge crew, and said “Let’s do this. Signal them that we’re ready when they are. Red Alert.”

Trey placed the ship in red alert status. She was monitoring her station real closely. She wanted to be on top of the exercise. So much for a quiet day, she thought. She liked the idea that the day was going to be eventful.

Izaro hit the floor moving. He had just taken a shower and dressed for work so he was moving out the door and arrived at his station on the bridge in record time. He nodded to the captain he was ready.

Trey noticed Izaro entering the bridge. She could tell and sense he was a little anxious. She smiled his general direction, then looked back down at her computer terminal. She then sent a telepathic signal to him. "Where did you come from?" She asked him.

”Just took a shower.” Izaro replied. He had had a run in with a crew member who wasn’t watching where he was going and literally wore the man’s lunch.

"'Live fire?' What could go wrong?" Aurelia said from her position behind Coard. "And a Dominion weapon at that. Because they haven't caused enough problems already."

"I'd like to remain cautiously optimistic that this will be a smashing success," Aoife responded cheerily. "And if it's not, we have an exceptional doctor at our disposal...provided she doesn't get her ass blown up."

E'Lor muttered in klingon as she watched her console. 'Live fire, Dominion weapons, better not blow my baby up', she mumbled. Live fire games did not sit well with her especially now, not with the small variance in one of the containment units. She was still monitoring it and so far it was behaving itself.

Mitchel smiled as he checked his navigation console, he was ready to pilot the ship through this mock battle. These were moments that got his adrenaline really pumping. Turning he looked at the captain to let her know that navigation was ready.

Trey wanted to respond to Aurelia's comment. But she resisted the urge to comment. She understood the comment more to be a rhetorical comment, in a question like tone. She starred at her station, waiting for the Captain to proceed with orders.

“All systems are normal,” Izaro called out. He was kind of excited but kept it under wraps. They had an excellent crew and he knew they would do well.

"Were ready to proceed." Trey said, trying to remind everyone, they were ready to proceed. She was curious, to see how they did with this test.

"Graham, send them the signal that we're ready to start. Trey, fire up the phasers and load the torpedoes. Let's set the phasers to as low a setting as we can, and have the fire team remove the active cores from the torpedoes. I don't want to accidentally blow them up, and they're a lot smaller than we are."

Graham nodded as he sent the signal and receiving a message in return he said, “there ready sir”

As soon as the captain gave the order, she was already starting to input the captain's orders. She had a feeling the armory team, was going to be a little annoyed, with removing active cores. But the safety of the other ship, was important to them all. This was a test, not real combat. A little inconvenience, was worth it. "Armory team is removing the cores now captain." Trey called out, after sending the message to her armory officers.

“They are moving towards us, Sir,” Izaro informed the captain. He knew this was a drill but this was what he would do normally. The captain would call for raising shields when ready.

"That is a confirmed sir, two ships in an attack formation, bearing course 365 and 345." Trey said, as she started to tell the computer, to get a target lock on both vessels.

“Permission to raise shields!” Izaro called out. His hand was at the ready.

Trey looked at him and had a big smirk on her face. Now he is trying to do her job, to take the work load off how sweet. She was not that far along yet.

Izaro shook his head. What was he thinking! That wasn’t his job, it was Trey’s. He gave her a look Of apology and went back to manning his console, hoping nothing would be said.

Shaking her head, E'Lor was not amused by the couples' desire to out do each other as now she had to make sure the power relays to the shields and the weapons did not drop below the expected norms. "E'Lor to engineering, watch the bloody intermix ratio on the core and make sure the containment's variance problem does NOT become an issue!", she said quietly.

"Understood Chief, Engineering out", came the response. Paul looked at James, then to Sally, "Well you heard the Chief, let's move like we have a purpose", Paul said.

Trey could sense E'Lor was agitated about something. But she did not want to probe her mind to find out. She remained silent, as she waited for her next set of orders. She was curious, why E'Lor was agitated.

Looking down at her timepiece, Aoife silently mouthed Three...Two...One...

"Shields up, begin phaser fire, wide arc, strafing only. Target their non-essentials, and ease off of their..."

She was interrupted by a dull thud, and then a cascade of sparks flying from the viewscreen as the scouts' volleys hit their marks. Looking down at her own display, she could see the sensor data start to pour in.

"Marn," she commanded, "Start recording this! Helm, evasives, whatever pattern you fancy, let's not just sit here and let them pummel us. They need to work for it. Trey, let's give them what for. Pound their shields with the phasers, and stat lobbing the duds at them. If you see they're starting to take too much increasing fire, we'll back off."

Graham put the Boadicea though a couple of moves before executing pattern Omega Charlie allowing them a clearer shot of their warp nacelles

Silently, she input a command into the console, sending it to the Security Officer.

The all stop command for both sides is Gavar. Use it ONLY if you see them taking too much damage, and not a moment before.

Trey watched from her station, in amazement how well the weapons were performing. At peak efficiency. She heard the Captain's orders, to continue the barrage of weapons fire. The phaser beams started to bounce against the shields. Each impact, struck a slight blue glow against the orange-ish harmonics of the energy shield, that protected the other ship. So far the other ship was not in immediate danger, but the Boadicea, was really taxing the shields. "Their starboard shield, is starting to buckle." She called out.

“Moving more power to the shields,” Izaro called out.
“From non essential areas.”

"Captain something is not right, about their shield power disruption. Their power distribution to the shield harmonics is off. It's like they are trying to get us to focus on the starboard ship." Trey said, noticing the power was draining a little to fast. What was going on here. She instantly thought a trap. What was their intention, with this course of action?

“Keep an eye on it Trey,” Aoife ordered. “We’re not here to kill anyone, just test out some weapons. Lower our power signature on the phasers to bare minimum, and signal the lead ship that their shields are acting off.”

"Lowering settings now Captain." Trey said, as she acknowledged the orders, by doing what was asked of her. She was not sure, if this was a real issue, or a ploy on their part. The tactical officer in her, always expected the worse, and hoped for the best.

Izaro kept his eyes on his console. This was successful for them so far but things could change that in no time.

Attention Boadicea! Gavar. I repeat: Gavar! Cease fire, we have all the data we need. We’ll relay the telemetry to you momentarily and set up time for a meeting.

Aoife smiled, and said, “Stand down Red Alert. Let’s see what this new toy our friends have is capable of.”


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