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Saber Rattling

Posted on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 @ 2:39am by Captain Aoife Coard

Mission: 1 - Memories in Starlight
Location: Ready Room - Deck 1
Timeline: MD 02 - 1120

“Please understand, Captain, we are a group of small vessels out here under orders of our government, to test new weaponry and weapon designs. We pose no threat to you or the Federation at large. We used sensor masking so that we could conduct these experiments in relative privacy without interfering ROMULAN eyes on us.”

Aoife took note of the vitriol present in the word “Romulan” and decided not to make note of it. The commander of the small group had sent over a huge amount of data. This particular scout group was testing some cannibalized weaponry, and it was proving hard for her to pinpoint the power signatures.

“I will apologize for the intrusion on our part,” she intoned softly. “But it was too intriguing and tantalizing a mystery to just ignore. Had you not fired upon us, much of the damage to your ships could have been avoided. I’d love to send an engineering team over to assist you, if you’d welcome the help in repairs.”

“We would, actually. We are woefully short on engineers in our current staff,” the man replied.

Aoife chuckled, and replied, “Sub-Legate Arten, our civilizations have had a colorful and storied past with each other, but we are co-conservators of this small little strip of space. And I would rather work with Cardassia than Romulus. I’m happy to send over some of my best people to assist.”

“I’m sure you’d say the same thing to a stricken Romulan ship,” the man jibed. “Nonetheless I welcome your help. And I’d love to engage in a live fire test with you, if your ship has the capability.”

“I’ll talk to my chief of security,” Aoife said, excitedly. “After we pore over this data though. I don’t want to be suddenly crippled so far out from Olympus Base. Give me an hour and I’m happy to run drills with you.”

The man’s expression changed from quiet calm to elated, and he replied, “Excellent! I look forward to it, Captain Coard. I’ll lower our shields so you can beam over a hazard team. Arten out.”

Aoife leaned back in her seat, and thought for a moment about the interaction. Truth be told, it wasn’t a lie. She would rather deal with Cardassians, who were predictable, than Romulans who’s desires and motivations were fluid on the best of days.

Pressing the intercom, she waited for the sharp sound of the botswain’s whistle to sound across the ship before announcing: “Hazard team, report to transporter room one and prepare for beamout to the lead Cardassian ship. All other hands prepare for a live fire exercise. Science teams prepare for incoming data packet. Coard out.”


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