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A glimpse

Posted on Wed Aug 21st, 2019 @ 11:23pm by Lieutenant JG Treyla Solwick & Lieutenant JG Izaro Solwick

Mission: 1 - Memories in Starlight
Location: Mess Hall

Reality started to sink in, when Trey woke up. It had only been a couple of hours, since she got the news. Her mother had won, but did it matter? Part of her said yes, but the majority was happy to be pregnant. She did not expect to be excited over it, or to fall in love as hard as she did. Trey laid next to Izaro, she typically woke up a minute or two before the alarm.

Trey watched him lay peacefully. He was still a sleep, when the alarm clock went off. "Good morning Daddy." She said, with a playful grin on her face, as she laid next to him, just staring at him for the moment.

Izaro’s eyes opened. He wished he could wake up like she did but then he had laid there for a long time after she fell asleep the excitement keeping him awake. “Morning, Mommy.” He grinned. “I am still wrapping myself around it.”

Trey stroked his chair, with her fingers. "Sorry for the late night attitude." She said, as she continued to look into his eyes. They had a few minutes, before they had to get out of bed.

“Already forgotten,” Izaro said with a smile. “You went through a lot between thinking something was wrong to finding out it was right.” He paused. “I want you to seriously think about this delivery issue. I don’t care if your mother is here but we need to stand our ground about her sitting in the waiting room.”

"You can start that fight." Trey said, as she started to sit up. She knew that was going to be a battle. The golden rule was, never get between a mother and her kids. Especially Krisna Solwick.

“It won’t be,” He returned. “I already did research while you were sleeping. We are the parents and Starfleet regulations state we have the say. I won’t say a word until you are in labor, then I will tell the doctor no one but us.”

Trey remembered Izaro staying up for a little bit, after she went to sleep. She assumed it was to look after her, and make sure she was settled in. Maybe he could not sleep. The fear of her mother, could do that people. "You really think that will stop my mother. Perhaps we should invite her onboard, so you can get a better understanding." Trey said to him. Her mother was a manipulator, and a good diplomat. A closer, she is use to playing hard ball.

“If you think that will work,” Izaro agreed. “Something has to happen because I am not missing the birth of our child.” He rarely was stubborn but on this he could not help it. “I’m not trying to be difficult just honest.”

"You are not going to miss the birth. You try, my mother is likely to make your life a living hell. I mean it." Trey said, as she started to stand up, practically naked. She walked over to towards the shower.

Izaro got up following her. “Your mother is the one who wants to stick me in the waiting room and that is not happening. She can sit there.” He smiled at her. “You are so beautiful!”

"You must have miss understood my mother. She probably threaten too, if you caused any complications. She wants you in the room." Trey told him, as she walked into the shower. After a few minutes, she started to dry off. And walked back into their bedroom.

“I could have,” Izaro admitted. “She was so busy telling me how I am going to fail you that I became irritated.”

"You have to remember, she is a trained diplomat. She will look for any weakness and exploit it. I have no doubt, she did that too, toughen you up. It's wrong of her. For that I am sorry." Trey told him. She was so choose to putting out her mothers heated fires on the diplomatic arena.

“It is not your fault,” Izaro said quietly. “She will be pleased when she gets here then because she is not making any decisions when it comes to us and our child. We are.” He paused. “And she will not be in the room when the baby is born unless you and I agree that is what we want.”

"What I want is not practical but I desire, we don't have time for." She said with a big grin on her face. She started to get dressed. "Can you join me for breakfast?" Trey asked. He still needed to clean up.

“Yes!” Izaro smiled widely. “I will hurry!” And he headed into the shower.

Trey smiled as she watched him leave. She grabbed her stomach, as she thought about how lucky she was to be having his baby. He was not like most males, he had some traits of an alpha type personality, which was rare in betazed men. She personally like it.

A few minutes later Izaro came out and quickly got dressed. He walked over to her, a smile on his face. “Ready?”

"Yes." She simply said, as she looked into his deep passionate eyes. She could stay lost in them forever. she was very content at the moment.

Izaro felt the passion in her eyes and returned the look with his own feelings. He loved her in a way he never thought possible before.

“You complete me,” he whispered just before he kissed her. “Let’s get some food.”

"I hope so." She said with a big grin. "You knocked me up, as the humans would say." She said to him in a teasing voice, as they started to head to the door.

Izaro laughed. "I did! I am responsible or this, one hundred percent. You have me to thank!"

"Listen to you, getting all confident and sexy like. Careful Mister Solwick, we never leave this place. Then what will Captain Coard do?" She suggested with a playful grin on her face, as they continued to walk down the corridor. She knew she needed to tell the Captain and the first officer.

Izaro laughed. “It would not do to have them come looking for us.”

"Pitty, what's the worse that could happen. I get pregnant?" She said with a big grin on her face.

“That is the best thing,” Izaro stopped and kissed her. “How about you grab us a table and I will get some food?”

"Not what I meant." She called out with a sarcastic tone. That little brat, rejected her advancement. She thought at this moment, it was adorable. She sat down in a near by table, and waited for him to return.

Izaro came back with a filled tray of food. He sat it down and took a seat next to her. “I grabbed a little of different things you like, I know food affects a woman differently when they are pregnant.” He smiled at her. “I’d really like to just be sick today and spend the day enjoying each other but we need to inform command.”

"I am not that far along yet, my cravings have yet to change. The crew needs us. As much as I would love to play hookie from work, they can't afford to loose us." Trey told him, letting him down easily on his suggestion. In reality, she just wanted to go to work, and live life normally. She was barely pregnant. Nothing at this stage to affect her physical needs.

“Right,” Izaro replied with a nod. The crew did need them and they would have plenty of time to enjoy the happy news.

Trey was surprised he let that go so easily. Maybe he knew what battles to pick and choose. She smiled at the thought. "Any idea, when we are going to get our next mission?" She asked, with a big smile on her face.

“I have a meeting this morning,” Izaro murmured. “I am certain I will know more then.”

"Lets hope its an exploration mission." Trey said with a big smile on her face. She was a security officer. But deep in her heart, she was also an explorer.

“It is what we are out here for,” Izaro nodded. “It would be a nice change.”

"I want our child, to grow up knowing about exploration, science and peace. I want him or her to grow up like I knew the Federation." Trey told him, as she held his hand tightly. The Federation, for the moment was at peace. But ever since the war, the amount of conflicts seemed to be rising. Either that, or Trey was becoming more aware of them.

“As do I,” Izaro nodded. “As well as knowing we love them and are accepting of them whatever they choose to do.”

"Well lets eat, I'm starving." She said as she started to dive into the plate.


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