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To spoil or not to spoil

Posted on Wed Jul 17th, 2019 @ 10:49pm by Lieutenant JG Izaro Solwick & Lieutenant JG Treyla Solwick

Mission: 1 - Memories in Starlight
Timeline: MD001 2300 hrs

"So how did it go?" Trey asked, she was curious how his first subspace call with his mother in law went. Was he okay? Is he traumatized?

“Fine,” Izaro said quietly. Her mother was like a hurricane, his head was still spinning. “How are you feeling?” He didn’t know why he was dodging the conversation, Trey would never let him get by with it.

"Oh no, I want to know all about it. Even if I probe your mind for the answers." Trey said, as she walked closer to him, looking into his dark eyes, her body was being seductive, while her thoughts were being direct.

“No mind probing,” Izaro responded. Her mother had made him feel inept and unworthy. Trey didn’t need to know that. “She was ecstatic, already talking about a visit and being on hand for the birth. She is sending me a list of things I need to do for you on a daily basis since it is my responsibility for getting you pregnant.”

"So she thanked you, then belittled you, and made you feel like your feelings and actions, don't matter. Well, welcome to family." Trey said with a big grin on her face. Now he knew how she felt. How was that woman an ambassador?

Izaro blinked. “This makes you happy?” He sighed. What had he expected? She had warned him. “What do you want to do for dinner?” He needed to change the subject. Rule number one in the mother in laws rules. Do not upset Trey.

"No that does not, but you make me happy. I was suggesting that my mother, our mother has accepted you." Trey said, as she started to kiss on his neck. She was trying to distract him, from his encounter over subspace with her mother.

Izaro smiled. “As long as your happy and I never have to do that again I am good!” He closed his eyes letting his thoughts wander to the kisses Trey was pressing against his neck.

"I can not promise that." She said, as she continued to kiss his neck. She was laying it on pretty thick. After a couple of minutes, she stopped and looked at him. "Mother has her hooks in us now. We will figure out together, how to get her to loosen up." Trey said, as she reached in to hold him tightly.

“Trey,” Izaro whispered. “Is it bad that I don’t want her here when the baby is born? I feel like she will take over.”

"Will figure it out, Izaro." Trey said, with a serious look in her face. Most of the time, she was happy and smiling. She rarely let Izaro have her serious face. They were partners. But she needed him to see, how serious she was to solving this dilemma, with her mother.

“Thank you!” Izaro sighed in relief. This was supposed to be their time, the two of them enjoying the moment their child was born. The way her mother told it she would be in charge and Izaro would be in some waiting room and he seldom argued but that was not happening.

"Now do you really want to talk about my mother, or can we go back to sleep?" She asked, as they continued to make there way back to their shared quarters.

“Sleep,” Izaro didn’t hesitate. He grinned then, excitement filled him. They were going to be parents, he was going to be a Dad. A better parent than his. He would accept his child’s choices and not make them ever feel unworthy.

"We better get all the sleep we can now, once we have him or her. For the first couple of years, don't count on a lot of sleep." Trey said, grabbing her non existent baby bump. She was still to early in the pregnancy. They made it back to the quarters.

Trey walked in the door, still holding her belly. Pretending she had a baby bump. "I can not wait, to start feeling him or her kicking." Trey said, with excitement in her tone.

“I want to hold the baby,” Izaro smiled. “And spoil them rotten.”

"No no no, we are not spoiling our children. They need to learn discipline and boundaries. But I do expect us, to hold them." She said with a tease, as she started to undress, then rather over to the bathroom to throw up.

Izaro followed her, holding her hair back and smiled to himself. She made good points, they would be disciplined but he would spoil them some as well. They would be strong, independent and make choices for their lives.

After wiping her mouth, and washing her hands. She looked to Izaro. "I'm serious, we are not spoiling the children we are going to have." She wanted more than one kid, this child would be the first. Not the last for them.

Izaro folded his hands across his chest. “I promised I wouldn’t lie to you ever. I can’t guarantee I won’t on occasion indulge them in some spoiling. I never once got something I wanted just for the sake of fun, only if it was good for me or my future.

"I think you will learn, I am very flexible, but spoiling a child is not one of them. My mother spoiled me, I learned to resent her for it. All I ever wanted was her love, not her gifts." Trey said, as she looked over to Izaro. She crawled into bed, trying to get situated.

“Our definition of spoiling is different,” Izaro explained. “Our child will know first and foremost that I love them. I am not talking about gifts and letting them have their way, I am referring to on occasion letting them have ice cream before dinner, or stay up late to watch a movie, stuff like that.”

"We can argue the logistics of spoiling tomorrow." Trey said, as she continued to struggle to get comfortable in bed. She was so tired, she just wanted to get some sleep. "Lets get some sleep, night Izaro." She said, as she crawled over close to him. Holding him for a few minutes. She started to fall asleep.

Izaro lay there long after she fell asleep. He was so excited about being a father. He laughed softly. Trey has him wrapped around her finger. He loved her more than anything and would do anything for her.


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