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Lieutenant Commander Jaras Marn

Name Jaras Marn

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (joined)
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Like every other Trill, Jaras has a row of spots that starts on his hairline and continues down each side of the body to the feet. He is of about average height, standing about 5 feet 10 inches; although he is not a gym rat, Jaras still maintains a better than expected fitness standard for a middle-aged scientist. His curly, light brown hair is worn in a conservative and easy to manage style, and his eyes are a bright sapphire blue that conveys both curiosity and confidence.


Spouse None
Children None
Other Family Jaras’s parents still live in his home district of Kelda, as well as a few scattered uncles, aunts and cousins. Jaras is an only child.

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Being joined with an extremely old symbiont, Jaras has a depth of knowledge and experience that few will ever attain. This, he has a tendency to refer to some colleagues as “young lady” or “listen here, boy”. Jaras is insightful, curious about everything in an almost childlike manner, but also extremely confident. He is an excellent conversationalist on a wide variety of topics, and he enjoys nothing more than socializing with his crew mates. His manner of speaking to people can be a bit off-putting, bordering on condescending. He seems to like the sound of his own voice as he tends to use big words, and a lot of them. Jaras is not a believer in the concept of “simple explanations.” The Marn symbiont has served Starfleet for the last eight hosts, so Jaras also has a deep sense of duty woven into his personality.
Hobbies & Interests Outside of the scientific laboratory, Jaras likes to keep up with modernist instrumental music. He is particularly fond of Nausicaan Tusk Opera, as well as music from Betazed. Jaras also likes to eat and sample the cuisines of other cultures, although he never learned to cook.

Jaras also spends part of his spare time developing his own working theory on the origins of the universe. It is something the Marn symbiont has devoted a considerable amount of time and thought to over the centuries; since Jaras will be Marn’s last Host, he would consider completing the theory as the crowning achievement to his many, many years of service to the cause of scientific truth.

Personal and Service History Jaras Reldo was born in 2344 in Kelda, a sparsely populated district on Trill’s smaller southern continent. Most of the locals were farmers, and generally kept to themselves. Jaras’s parents were the proprietors of a small shop that specializes in obsolete or hard to find technology repair and components; it was in their shop that Jaras got his first taste of the wonders of the technical world. Although both parents had no more than a modest trade school education, they both had a natural gift and they passed all of their knowledge to their only child. Eventually, that would not be enough.

When Jaras entered school, testing indicated that he had a high predisposition toward science and mathematics. Since no advanced programs were available locally, Jaras travelled via transporter to an accelerated program in the provincial capitol. He finished the school program nearly two years early in the year 2360. Many universities on (and off) Trill were anxious to have the bright young lad attend, but he eventually settled upon Manev University in the planetary capitol. It was at that time that Jaras was convinced by a member of the Symbiosis Commission’s Recruitment Arm to apply for the Initiate program.

Jaras breezed through the program at Manev in three years, and despite the work load from the Initiate program was able to earn a spot at the prestigious Cosmology Institute on Orion One. Doing both programs simultaneously was quite difficult at times, but Jaras managed to graduate from the Institute with the equivalent of a Masters Degree in 2366. He could have continued in his studies, but Jaras felt the call of something larger than himself. He has learned about the stars and what composed them, but now he wanted to see these things firsthand. So he applied to Starfleet and was accepted into an abbreviated program for those already holding advanced degrees. He completed that program in 2369 and was stationed as an astrophysicist on the Ambassador class U.S.S. Algonquin.

Jaras’s first two years on the Algonquin were uneventful, almost boring. The young trill earned a reputation for both thoroughness and diligence, but did little beyond his assigned duties. In 2371, Jaras was recalled to Trill so he could be joined to Marn, a symbiont with nearly a millennium of experiences. When Jaras Marn returned to the Algonquin, it was like a fire has been lit underneath him, he was suddenly more ambitious, more driven...and a lot smarter. Jaras stayed on the Algonquin an additional year, but he asked for a transfer in 2372 because he felt he would not properly advance on his current assignment. He was granted a promotion to Lieutenant JG and assigned to the Galaxy class U.S.S. Denver as Assistant Chief Science Officer.

The first year and a half on the Denver was peaceful; they conducted a number of surveys and studies that continued to add to Jaras’s resumè. Then the Dominion War broke out, and the Denver was sent right to the front lines. She served valiantly in multiple engagements, and Jaras himself received several commendations for valor. He was forced to take over as Chief Science Officer in 2374 when the Denver was ambushed and all of the Bridge officers were lost except Jaras himself and a young Bolian helmsman. Being the ranking officer, Jaras has to lead his crew through the remainder of the fight and get them home, both of which he did. The Denver was sidelined for the remainder of the war pending new crew assignments. Jaras stayed with the ship through the entire process, eventually becoming the Second Officer. In 2381. The Denver was decommissioned in 2382, so on a whim Jaras applied for the CSO slot on the U.S.S. older vessel with a new Captain.