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Lieutenant Nita Malone

Name Nita Marie Malone MD

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Nita has a petite build and is small in stature. While she does not have an extremely muscular build, her body is toned and in-shape. Her Vegetarian Diet, along with regular exercise keeps her fit and healthy.


Spouse Not Applicable
Children Not Applicable
Other Family David Malone (Uncle)
Rear Admiral Timothy Malone (Deceased)
Heather Foster Malone (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Nita is friendly when she gets to know someone, but until then she tends to be reserved and quiet. She is a gifted doctor, although she'd be the first to downplay her talent.

She knew from a young age that she wanted to go into the medical field. When her parents were killed, she was saved by a Starfleet Doctor and that one action stayed with her to this day.

Nita is driven. When she is handed a problem she will not rest until she comes up with a solution. She found it easier in life to work than to make friends, often earning her the reputation for being aloof.
Hobbies & Interests Nita has been described as having many positive attributes, such as being driven, kind, intelligent, quick thinking, and loyal to her friends.
Unfortunately she also has been labeled as aloof (as mentioned above), shy/reserved, and stubborn.

Personal and Service History Nita is an only child, born in 2363 to two loving parents in Rome, Italy on Earth. Her father, Rear Admiral Timothy Malone, moved them from Earth to Starbase 73 when she was 9 years old when he was asked to take Command.

They were happy for a time, for three years in fact. When Nita was 12, however, a group of Breen warships attacked the starbase. Her mother, Heather was killed in the initial attack when the deck their quarters were on was destroyed. Her body was never recovered. Her father was killed two hours later when a boarding party took over the command center, killing him as an example for the rest of the crew.

Nita was saved from her mothers fate by the simple fact of being in school, ten decks away when the Breen attacked. The children were ushered further into the station, but Nita was injured when a pylon collapsed and pinned her to the floor. She was rescued by a group of Engineers who cut it away, and a female doctor picked her up and took her to safety, addressing her wounds when they were safe.

She has an Uncle on Earth, David, that she is not close to. She was sent to live with him after the death of her family, and he was cruel and insensitive person. His personality and treatment of her has led to her quiet and reserved demeanor. Once she was accepted into the academy at the age of 17 she left his home, and never saw him again.

Service Record:

2389 - Present
USS Boadica
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

2386 - 2389
USS Galway
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

2384 - 2386
USS Savage
Medical Officer

2383 - 2384
Starfleet Academy
Fourth Year Cadet
Major: Medical

2382 - 2383
Starfleet Academy
Third Year Cadet
Major: Medical

2381 - 2382
Starfleet Academy
Second Year Cadet
Major: Medical

2380 - 2381
Starfleet Academy
First Year Cadet
Major: Medical