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Lieutenant JG Treyla Solwick

Name Treyla Krisna Solwick

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazed
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Treyla has a slender build, and almost looks a little too thin, to be serving as a Security Officer, so she does her best to stay fit. Sadly she has not put on any muscle tone. The doctors says she has a high metabolism. She has loveable black eyes with strawberry blond hair to go along with her warm smile. She has no scars and no tattoo’s.


Spouse Izaro Solwick
Children N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Treyla is the single child. She has always felt the need to prove herself, be the parent. Deep down all she wanted to be was a kid, trying to learn her place. She felt like she was always second best to her parents with their charades and shenanigans. Treyla is very shy for a Betazed. She tends to keep her feelings herself, and she is not as outspoken as other members of her race.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Treyla is a very modest person who believes that life can a little challenging at times. Especially after the “Dominion War,” reshaped the universe. She loves to show humility and modesty whenever she can. She has persistence to to complete the job, while maintaining the highest level of integrity in her personal and professional life.

Treyla luckily missed out on the Dominion war. She was just a teenager when the war happened. Like most teenagers, she was frightened, at the possibility the Federation might be defeated. She was happy to learn that the Federation won the war.

Being raised on Betazed has given Treyla has a very unique perspective on life. She appreciates the fact that through her gift of being telepathic she can find ways of making people see and understand their social interactions with others. She considers this one of her deepest strengths, the ability to Appreciate of beauty and excellence of life.

Treyla is a little naïve at times, even though she is appreciative of beauty and excellence, her shy like attitude has often prevented her from reaching out and helping others. From a young age she discovered each race has their own cultural identity, and no one side seemed to be have the right way. Her parents being traditionalist tried to teach her it’s okay to embrace other cultures as long as you do not forget who you are.

At first she thought she wanted to be a counselor. But then she realized she had a hard time reaching out to those she did not know very well. Their cultural identity confused her. She was trying to figure out who she was. Treyla struggles with adapting to change, she learned that she can not help others in that capacity until she learned to find herself. She knew she still wanted to help people and join starfleet so she decided to become a security officer.

Treyla is pretty vague and indifferent about her family life, she has a little resentment about being the only child and not being allowed to have siblings. Treyla always imagined her parents would have more kids, because most betazoids she met on the homeworld had more than one child. She felt like an outsider with the other kids.

Treyla felt because she was a space traveler, due to her parents profession, some of the kids would tease her, and treat her like a circus show. She learned to resent her abilities and tried to deny who she was to blend in.

Treyla can be really stubborn about somethings, once she has made up her mind. Her indifference was caused by her parents preach about remaining true to betazoid customs, but her parents only had her. This seemed like a complete contradiction. She was not sure why her parents were so strict on following protocol and ethics, when they seemed to not to follow them.


To visit the Klingon Homeworld of Qonos.
Hobbies & Interests Treyla loves to socialize after hours with the crew in the lounge. She has a party lifestyle mentality that suits this. She uses her charm to keep people blinded to the fact that she has trust issues.

Treyla loves to dance the night away and be sociable at the bar. Beyond socializing in the lounge, she enjoys spending time in the holodeck. Treyla loves working out in the gym and keeping her body finely tuned. She has the drive to be the best.

While Treyla attended Starfleet Academy, she learned about camping, rock climbing, exploring, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, and backpacking. All these things interested her. She loved the idea of leaving for the weekend, to go hangout in the woods or on the beach or down a river. She started to learn about these activities during her Freshman year at the academy.

Personal and Service History Who is Treyla:

Treyla struggles with making deep relationships, she finds it easier to have a surface level friendship with a lot of people, but this often leads to several nights at the local lounge facility to where ever she is assigned.

From a young age she was constantly on the go. Both of her parents are Ambassadors for the Federation and traveled a lot. Knole and Krisna tried their best to raise their daughter according to Betazoid traditions. It was hard for her to make friends.

She had a strong connection to her parents, but other children found it strange to have telepath in their class. They use to pick on her or they would ask her to read their minds. She felt like a circus act. She was not very fond of the children using her abilities for their amusement.

Treyla learned to alienate herself and developed a shy style personality to avoid the attention of other children. She did her best to hide the fact she was betazoid. Her parents became concerned and the family moved back to Betazed. Hoping that being around other betazoids would allow her to open up.

Treyla mainly kept a small knit of friends, but they were humans. She found it easier to relate to a teran, an earthling as they also liked to be called, typically because most of them where more reserved and laid back on Betazed, and like her they felt alone and isolated. Treyla could relate better to the humans.

Her parents were very supportive of her, they did continue to push cultural idealism and ideologies towards her. There push was not very successful. Treyla graduated from school and joined Starfleet Academy. She felt more at home, around humans and other cultures.

During her academy years she did her best to again to downplay her telepathic abilities, and the fact that she was betazoid. She did not want to be a circus act for a new generation of kids. She continued to apply herself to her studies and kept her abilities on the down low.

Treyla was starting to become an adult. After graduating from school, her parents started to talk about her finding herself and that she was coming of age to adulthood and that she needed to find an Imzadi and to start a family. Treyla could feel the cultural pressure and pressure from her family.

Part of her deep down felt the calling, to want to start a family. However given her open rejection to some parts of her history and culture, she knew she was not ready. She also knew her family would not let the matter go either. Deep down Treyla was a hopeless romantic, she wanted to find a guy to sweep her off her feet. But at the moment she was still trying to figure out who she was.

Treyla and her family::

Treyla is very close to her family despite them trying to push her to find her Imzadi. When Betazoid children become of age, they are culturally pushed and pushed by their family’s to start a family. Treyla wants children, but she also wanted to start her career with Starfleet.

After the “Dominion War,” Treyla felt a strong need to put her personal feelings aside and serve the greater good of Starfleet. She is not against having kids, but at the moment, she felt her priorities were to Starfleet.

Knole and Krina continued to pressure Treyla into accepting Betazoid tradition and accept their cultural beliefs. They wanted grandchildren. She pushed back telling her family if they wanted kids desperately they were still young enough to have them. She pointed out to her parents that she always wanted a little brother or sister.

Knole and Krisna reminded their daughter they had done their part, and now it was her turn. They knew she wanted kids too, they knew of her condition as they called it. Her shyness around others. They kept pushing her to find a nice betazoid boy to marry and have kids with.

Treyla wants to have children, she loves to the betazoid customs and feels the urges, to start a family. But she has a hard time opening up and finding the right guy. She discovered if you tell most aliens, hey let’s have a child, they tend to run. And Treyla has only seen a small handful of Betazoid citizens serving in Starfleet. The USS Arlington is the first ship that has more than two per ship.

Treyla’s problem with most betazoid males are, they openness and the constant need to please everyone around them, and the fact that can read her mind, listen to her thoughts. It freaked her out a little growing up. Kids from other cultures tended to pick on her for being a telepath and being able to read their mind. She did her best to control her abilities not allow them to develop.

Her parents try to tell her that being betazoid is natural and to embrace it. She has a hard time, constantly struggled. Even after moving back to Betazed. They blame the outside alien culture, her teenage years they returned home, hoping to show her what her culture was like. She openly rejected it and went deeper into seclusion. Keeping a small knit of friends and her family.

Treyla and her pups:

Treyla wants to have children but she is not currently dating anyone so she decided to get a dog named Pebbles, and after a few months, she decided that Pebbles needed a companion she to get a second dog named Jynx.

Her puppies were her answer to not having children at the moment. She finds betazoid mating practices strange. On Earth, she learned other cultures do not tell children to wait or have children. They leave that decision to the child. However in her culture and with her family, they are already pushing. Her parents are waiting for grandchildren.

Jynx is the rowdy puppy only being a few months old. And Pebbles is the more laid back puppy. In Trayla’s eyes it seems like Pebble is trying to teach Jynx how to behalf and relax a little. The two puppies get along well.

Treyla loves to come home every night and snuggle up to her dogs, while she was watches some old 21st century television, once in a while she was chase her puppies and dance around with them.

Serving Starfleet:

Treyla was born to Knole and Krisna Solwick back on Betazed in 03/13/2364. Both of her parents are ambassadors for the House of Solwick. Treyla was the first Solwick on her side of the family to enlist in Starfleet.

In 2382 she was accepted into Starfleet Academy, as a first year student studying security and tactical operations. By 2386, she had graduated from the academy, and was assigned to Earth Spacedock as a fighter pilot.

2387 she was promoted to Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical Officer and by 2388 she was placed on the promotion list for Chief of Security/Tactical Officer.

By 2389 a position came open for a Chief of Security/Tactical Officer position on the USS Atlantis, she applied and was accepted. She remained in the position, till her mother enacted a Betazed cultural custom. Trey had an arranged marriage to Izaro Chameer.

After the honeymoon, the couple were advised by Starfleet, they would be transferred to another ship. This was requested by Ambassador Solwick. (Trey's Mom) The political reason was that two Betazed's could be useful in the Gavarrian corridor. The real reason, she wanted grandchildren.

In April of 2389, Trey and Izaro where being transferred to the USS Boadicea. Trey was a little surprised by the sudden move, but excited. If she wanted to start a family with Izaro, they would be able too. They were both told, that they would not be able to on the Atlantis, due to the size limitations of the vessel.

Languages: Klingon, Betazoid & English