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Captain Aoife Coard

Name Aoife Coard

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Aoife can best be described as trim, and well put together. She keeps her blonde hair short, and well-kept. Owing to some combination of good genetics, or a healthy regimen of care, she looks slightly younger than her 49 years would indicate.

Her expression is often one of soft kindness, or deep thought.


Personality & Traits

Personality Overview Aoife is a pragmatic, scientific mind. She will often weigh out options, and take what she feels to be the course of action that is best for all involved. That said, she doesn’t believe that most choices in life should be transactional in nature, and when push comes to shove, she will always err on the side of kindness. Professionalism, but kindness.

Personal and Service History Aoife was born in 2340, in Ireland, Earth. She would describe her childhood best as “warm, but ultimately uneventful.”

She attended Starfleet Academy, and found she was completely enraptured by both xenobiology, as well as steller cartography. She loved being able to pour over data on new planets and species, and add them to the Federation’s vast databases.

Upon her graduation, she was assigned to the USS White Star, a small Oberth class vessel. She served aboard this vessel, in the science department (arguably the only major department on the ship,) for four years, rising the ranks to Lieutenant.

In 2365 she transferred to the USS Perception, an Ambassador class starship, as the assistant chief science officer. She served aboard the Perception for 11 years, eventually achieving the position of Chief Science Officer in her final 3 years aboard the ship. She loved her time aboard the Perception, and has friends she made there to this day.

In 2377 she transferred to the USS Sagan, a Nova class vessel, as the Executive Officer. She served aboard this ship as Executive, mostly on calm, exploratory missions, until 2382.

In 2382 she was offered her own command, and has served aboard the USS Boadicea ever since.